Our London & Madrid team of lawyers are inspired and motivated by being considered by each client as respected and professional solicitors. Our law firm creates value for customers in the United Kingdom and Spain. We know the British & European legal environment and are known within it. This is important when you or your business need legal representation from both sides of the continent as your solicitors must have confidence in assisting you in selecting the right options and path to ensure you obtain the desired result and efficiently.



The solicitors in our law firm are ethical. They are conscious of the position of trust within which they are placed and will never violate those fundamentally essential obligations. Lawyers must build trust with their clients and within the community and the profession and our law firm is committed to achieving such goals.


We are ardently aware that our conduct is constantly on show and that we deserve to be judged by what we do and how we do it. Our solicitors zealously protect the reputation they have.


Our solicitors strive to create an ongoing relationship with our clients by meeting and exceeding their needs. We drive to create value in our delivery as well as satisfying our clients’ legal requirements, priding ourselves on setting and meeting the highest standards in the way we operate.

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