Town Agency, Mentions and Referrals

Chreighton and Reis Associates, accept town agency work and dispute referrals from all practitioners from local and overseas and non-local lawyers. We are happy to act as your town agent and mention matters, undertake court appearances, attend mediations and appear in all London & Madrid Courts for civil and criminal matters and on an urgent basis if necessary. If more convenient for you and your client, we can undertake the work on a referral basis as principal or advise on local requirements and document handling and relevant UK & Spanish legislation and the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules.

The services we provide include full estate administration, obtaining probate or registering title interests under Wills. We can also attend to conveyancing settlements, undertake searches, stamp documents, file documents in courts and lodge with the titles office and advise on any relevant local issues that may need considered.

We have significant legal expertise to provide you confidence in our handling of your clients’ matters. Chreighton and Reis Associates will provide timely and comprehensive reports and an efficient service ensuring cost effective results for your clients.